"I see my work as good omens of nature in a shape of jewellery"

            - Ruta Domar

Do you believe that, given or received in a goodwill, a gift can remind you of your hearty  wishes, or those of loved ones?

Do you believe in meaningful jewelry? Creations by Ruta Domar is all that and more. Born in Lithuania to the family fostering deep jewelry artisan traditions  she continues their legacy to produce hand-made unique designs. Created by the seaside every piece breathes tranquility of the pine forests and the Baltic Sea.

Bright Wishes is the symbolic invitation in a shape of a unique jewellery form. Created with the purpose to accompany a woman during her different stages of life, to inspire and support her every step of the way. A few of the collections such as the Archangels of Protection, Seedlings for dreams, Pearl Embrace, that whisper an ode to femininity, are being appreciated by our customers around the World.

Products are made in a collaboration with local atelier which has over 50 years experience of jewelry manufacturing.  


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