True story. Isabella
Let me tell you how my life has taken some significant turns since my friend got me an AMBER seed for my birthday last year. I was a Londoner in her mid 30’s living a busy city life. To tell the truth at my age I thought the ball was out of my court in terms of building a formidable relationship as the work and leisure scales were quite unbalanced. I have almost lost all hope and was done with all the love quest. I just wanted to settle down and find a safe harbor for a family life. But with all the fish in the sea and an ocean too wide to throw a net,  my harbor was nowhere in sight.I’m not sure if it was that mystical power that the seedling bares within, whether it’s the notion that it’s hand made and in the process designer projects all the Bright Wishes to it’s new owner. Maybe it’s the soft amber heart that holds inside all the secrets of the World collected over millions of years…
I’m not quite sure ‘how’,  but all I know that in a few months time I was cocooned with the man of my dreams and soon will be giving birth to a beautiful bean myself! 
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