I have to confess and apologize

I have to confess and apologize. After the end of the year 2020, the first year of Bright Wishes existence, after all the accomplished and failed goals I had to turn inward. Now gazing back melancholically at the previous year I have to remind myself that I am not alone.

Me, probably like many of you, have had more time to spend with family, experience the inconveniences of quarantine, and finally answer the question: is Bright Wishes moving to the right direction, is there a meaning at all to continue on this creative path? 

Sorry I didn’t send you the New Year greetings for 2021 on time! Definitely not out of the malevolent will, and I really haven’t forgotten your valuable attention and support, it’s just things like these are not always easy to do, especially when you’re at a crossroads and don’t know whether to say: “Thank you and see you soon!” or “Thank you and goodbye!”. Unfortunately in the fight against the virus pandemic, we lost an irreplaceable member of the team, a jeweller whose hands launched countless angels into the world. No need to hide that the loss and personal factors have recently scored points.

At times, it seemed much easier to stop moving forward with the creative process. BUT ... during this time of forced leave, we received an unexpected number of comments and support feedback from you. You said that our work makes you and your loved ones happy, that you appreciate handwritten wishes and personal messages ... Therefore, to me, this was the best answer to the eternal question "to be or not to be?"

My heart sings when remembering personally written wishes to your loved ones. Do you reckon that feeling? In such moments, I realize that we are creating a brighter world, albeit in small steps, and it is full of kind-hearted, loving people. It all grows and makes it worth the while.

And here... at the coming of the New Year... I lift the wings of Bright Wishes with the new and more powerful energy of wider wings because you showed to fancy these winged wishes! Therefore, the wider and stronger wing is waiting for you in the Bright Wishes e-shop. May it and other pieces full of warm thoughts elevate your inspiration even higher! Happy New Year!

By the way, do you believe that matter has memory? I believe in it. I believe that minerals and precious metals are not only a part of nature but also a certain form of consciousness that carries wisdom within themselves. That’s why Bright Wishes products are made only from precious metals and natural minerals, and when replenished with best wishes (your wishes), they can become the magical amulets.

Sending bright wishes,

Ruta Domar

"Find what you love and let it kill you"


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