C O L O U R S ♡  that's how we like it!

Bye Summer. Welcome Autumn. Welcome C O L O U R S ! Frankly, here in the BW headquarters, the ending of the summer came as a sweet relief. The 3 months of Baltic summer rushed by in an eyeblink, packed with go-there-do-that leaving us slightly light-headed, needing a vacation from the vacation. Who else feels the same? 

We have been working hard all summer. Your DM's, your emails and expressions of interest in our creations came pouring like rain and all we did was listen...and act! You asked for more C O L O U R S ! 

More colours and ways to wear our jewellery ( especially the Archangels), so: 

  • we designed two new options of ocean blue & pinkish leather necklaces to take your imagination for a ride and mix and match with your favourite angel/wing/seedling! 

  • we dolled up our bestseller silver ZADKIEL, the angel of JOY, who is now shining bright with 6 multicolour stones and has never been more cheerful and eye-catching! 

  • engraving service is ready and running find it HERE 

  • so many of you kindly ask for discounts, and we get it, these are difficult times, so you're welcome to use your 10% OFF with code BWNEW 

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing what the new season has in store for us!

PS: Remember...“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”― Albert Camus 

Brightest Wishes,

Ruta Domar

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