Amber Baby Bright Wishes

Amber is dear to me not only because it breathes in the sea, pines, the Baltic coast, but also because it reminds me of my childhood.

I remember once visiting an amber workshop and feeling the smell of the warm, freshly processed amber instantly brought me back to childhood. A sunny aura of my grandfather's sheep flocking atelier reached suddenly sucked in my reality and the warmth radiating from the past spoke about the need work with this natural gemstone found in our beautiful region that we live in...It definitely was a burst from the subconscious reminding me of the importance of early memories important, the relationship with the family and its profound effect on any the child's development.

Now I often hear such remarks from clients: "my kid no longer lets us take off that bead necklace of yours! Even during the bathtime…"; "mine asked to get the same necklace for both, little sister and Nica (our puppy) ..." and so on.

To be frank, I tried to create the perfect form, recreate the amber, find the original shape and display, but I failed .. I used to sit and tie those beads until my own little one crawled around... Finally, I realized that this is an actual "bike" I'm trying to reinvent. This necklace is as safe and comfortable for a child, it is impossible to create something better in terms of wearable child accessories. The value lies in the essence and in the knowledge that in this little particle of amber lies the strength of ages, the DNA of survival and joy.

Let’s create bright memories for children.

Bright wishes to you and your family,

Ruta Domar

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